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Camping & Caravan

Our 5-in-1 CaravanWipes cleaning wipes contain the perfectly pre-dosed combination of cleaning, fragrance and care products as well as sufficient liquid. This means that you do not have to carry cleaning agent bottles with you, which saves space and does not require access to water. The CaravanWipes consist of compostable viscose material and are impregnated with biodegradable cleaning agents. This means that the CaravanWipes can be disposed of in organic waste or compost after cleaning in the interests of sustainability and environmental protection. Each CaravanWipe can be washed out and is sufficient for a complete cleaning.

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Holidays in a caravan, caravan or motorhome are very popular. Whereas travelling around in a motor home used to be a popular leisure activity for pensioners, more and more young families are discovering independence on four wheels for themselves. The number of registered motorhomes is increasing every year. The interior equipment is also becoming more and more luxurious and thus more difficult to clean and maintain. 

CaravanWipes are available in the following varieties: all-purpose for general surfaces such as kitchens, cupboards, storage areas, tables, doors, beds etc. with the scent of summer freshness. WC & Toilet for caravan toilets, splash areas and bathrooms with the scent of lemon. Glass & windows for glass surfaces, windows and mirrors with the scent sea freshness. There are the packs of 5 zip-packs for short trips and the 50 dispenser box for long trips and basic cleaning at the beginning and end of the season