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CleanStation wall mount

Toolflex One appliance holder system sets new standards in the field of hygiene Colourful Scandinavian design Handle diameter from 15-35 mm in a single universal holder Wall mounting of various cleaning devices, such as brooms, mop handles With the "click'n go" function, individual holders or the entire rail can be removed without any tools The holders can be cleaned under water, in the dishwasher or in an autoclave. Holders are made of stable and recyclable FDA-approved materials that comply with EU regulation 10/2011 and FDA regulation CFR21 All plastic materials are available in 6 colours that comply with HACCP and colour coding standards. Toolflex One is NSF and HCV (HACCP compliance verification) certified. Inside the packaging serves as a mounting template 100% recyclable Max. Load on rail: 25 kg
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