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Motorcycle & Bicycle

There is nothing more beautiful when the beloved bicycle or motorcycle shines in new splendor after a dusty ride. Many people use wet wipes or cloths with water and detergent for this purpose. Both variants lead to either stripes or the paint looks matt. In order to polish and clean bicycles or motorcycles of all types and brands, we have developed 5-in-1 BikeWipes cleaning wipes especially for easy, fast and powerful cleaning of dirt on frames, handlebars, lights, rims and other attachments.

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The BikeWipes contain the perfectly pre-dosed combination of cleaning, scent and care products and are ready for immediate use. They remove dirt, mud, oil and grease from paint, metal, plastic and all surfaces that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. To protect the environment, the BikeWipes are made of a sustainable viscose material (fibres are a waste product of the wood industry) and biodegradable cleaning agents. Not only the environment but also the surfaces are cleaned gently but effectively with the BikeWipes. For dissolving coarse dirt, our cleaning lotions are available in a 250 ml spray bottle and for on the road, the BikeWipes are available in individual packs.