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Starter sets for wet floor cleaning for fast, streak-free and easy cleaning of tiles, laminate, parquet, PVC, linoleum and all water-resistant floors.
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Comparison of CleaningBox mops vs. floor wipes of a competitor

New customers often ask us what distinguishes our CleaningBox floor cleaning system from established systems on the market. In short, CleaningBox are real professional cleaning materials that can be used both at home and in professional cleaning. CleaningBox WetCleanMops cleaning mops and dry mops have a significantly larger dirt holding surface and can therefore clean larger areas in less time.

CleaningBox also differs significantly from the competition in terms of its better dirt holding capacity. Coarsely structured microfibre-viscose cleaning layers on the WetCleanMop Cleaning mops and 3D relief structures on the Premium Dry Mops mean that even the smallest dirt (hair, scales, etc.) or stubbornly adhering dirt can be removed. There is also a big difference in the etched equipment. The CleaningBox mop holder systems are much more robust and durable. In addition, with the hybrid adapters we are deliberately compatible with existing mop holder systems, such as professional mop holders with 50 cm wipe width from Ecolab, Floorstar, Meiko, Numatic, PPS, Sprintus, Taski, TTS, Unger, Vermop, Vileda and also household mop holders with 40 cm wipe width from Aldi, Lidl, Edeka, Rewe, Rossmann and dm. In terms of sustainability and space saving, no new equipment needs to be purchased.