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Starter sets Cleaning Wipes

Our starter sets with 5-in-1 cleaning cloths are ideal for trying out our different types of cleaning wipes (furniture/surfaces, gastronomy/kitchen, sanitary/bath, WC/toilet, glass/windows).
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Comparison of CleaningBox WetCleanWipes vs. wet wipes from a discounter or drugstore

New customers often ask us what distinguishes our CleaningBox WetCleanWipes from normal wet wipes from the drugstore and discounters? 

1. Textile material: nonwoven vs. compostable viscose
Normal wet wipes in a flowpack usually consist of a simple synthetic non-woven fabric, which tears very quickly and has hardly any cleaning properties, but only serves as an application medium for the cleaning agents. On sharp or structured surfaces, such as wood or metal, the wipes usually tear. Also the small size with only 10 x 15 cm or 10 x 10 cm and the small material volume (grammage 30 to 40 g/m²) of the wet wipes is not suitable for cleaning large surfaces, such as a complete household or an office. All wet wipes are white and therefore unsuitable for use in the 4-colour system.  

In contrast, our WetCleanWipes are soft, dimensionally stable and colour-fast viscose cleaning wipes (30×30 cm) with high absorbency and area performance. The viscose is compostable and ecologically sustainable, made from the renewable raw material wood. For this purpose, waste products from the wood industry in Austria are processed into viscose fibres in a wood biorefinery process.  The viscose is certified according to the human ecological requirements of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. Wood is obtained in accordance with the principles of sustainable forestry, i.e. two new trees are planted for one felled tree. The viscose wipes are available in 5 colours (blue, green, yellow, red, white) so that they can be used separately in the 4-colour system. With a size of 30 x 30 cm and a material volume of 70 g/m², the WetcleanWipes fit wonderfully in the hand and do not tear. The WetCleanWipes are intended for hygienic single use, but due to their quality they can also be used for longer periods of time by means of remoistening.

2. Cleaning substances: cleaning mixtures vs. biodegradable cleaning emulsions
Normal wet wipes are usually impregnated with a mixture of water, preservatives, fragrances, surfactants and often alcohol. This cleaning mixture of non-biodegradable substances is intended to cover the widest possible range of applications. Often two promlems are observed: First there are wet wipes where the cleaning mixture is dosed too aggressively so that surfaces are attacked (e.g. become dull or discoloured) and the skin of the user is dried out or attacked. On the other hand, there are wet wipes where the cleaning mixture is so weakly dosed that one can only moisten with water and cannot remove dirt. But one of the biggest problems is the impregnation itself. Many times, there are only dry cloths at the top and at the bottom of the flow pack, the humidity is so strong that the cloths have to be removed by dripping.   

WetCleanWipes on the other hand are 5-in-1 cleaning wipes and already contain the perfectly pre-dosed combination of humidity, cleaning, scent and care products as well as freshness. The cleaning emulsions they contain are 100% biodegradable, gentle on the skin and contain no hazardous substances. The cleaning emulsions are perfectly adapted per cloth to the respective areas of application (furniture, kitchen, bathroom, WC, glass) and are absolutely gentle on the material. The impregnation with emulsions means that all cloths are evenly soaked regardless of their position and no liquids can form at the bottom of the dispenser box. WetCleanWipes stay nice and moist for 24 months without bacteria or mould forming. And best of all: They will never start to stink!