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Glass & Windows Cleaning Wipes

Our white 5-in-1 cleaning wipes with the scent of sea freshness have been specially developed for streak-free cleaning of glass and windows, such as glass panes, display cases, glass panes and mirrors. They already contain the perfectly pre-dosed and biodegradable combination of moisture, cleaning, fragrance and care products as well as freshness. The cleaning emulsions they contain are 100% biodegradable, gentle on the skin and contain no hazardous substances. WetCleanWipes are available in a sustainable, compostable version made of viscose fibers and a high-performance version made of MicroNet textile (microfiber and viscose).
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Types of dirt for CleaningBox 5-in-1 cleaning wipes glass & windows Fields of application for CleaningBox 5-in-1 cleaning wipes glass & windows